Our $749 Wedding and Party Package!

Do you have a wedding or a party that you're on a budget for but you still need to have quality entertainment?  Did you price out a dj and could not believe the cost?  Well, we have a deal for you!  For $749 you get:

- Two Speakers on Stands

- Digital Audio Mixer

- Two Wireless Digital Shure SM58 Microphones (for announcements and toasts!)

- One Projector

- One Screen

- One Sound Engineer For The Duration Of The Event (if it's 2 hours or 12 hours!)

We've used this package several time with great success!  You can provide us a playlist (like from iTunes) to play or you can challenge your guests to bring their own.  We'll have a projector and screen set up for a slide show or custom movie.  And you'll have one of our engineers on site for the duration of the event to make sure everything goes perfectly.


We also take credit cards if that is the easiest way to pay!  Contact us for more information or to book an event!